True Love Is In The Little Things

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, complete with chocolate, dinner, flowers, jewelry, and *ahem*, lingerie.  But true love can and should be, celebrated with the little things.  The small, unintentional gestures that say I love you with more meaning than the usually planned gifts.

Romance is sometimes as simple as knowing what your sweetheart needs.

I always write, sitting at the end of my kitchen table.  It’s been my spot for the last four years.  But on the occasions when I have to move, I have another writing area in the basement.  A cute corner “office.”

My husband works from home and also has his office downstairs.  Our basement is comfortable.  It’s cozy to work in on cold winter days, and it’s fun when I sit down there, and my husband cracks jokes, making me laugh all day when I should be writing.

Unfortunately, that space also contains the kid’s video gaming area.  (Cue the impending “doom” music…)

I love my kids.  They are awesome.  Truly.  But they can be hard on things.  My son leaned back a little too hard while playing a random war game and, that was that, he snapped the back right off my chair.

Without an office chair, I couldn’t sit at my desk and share my space with my co-office mate.

I think my husband missed me.

A few nights ago, he offered to run out to the store for some odds and ends for dinner.  When he came home dragging in the grocery bags, he told me he had a surprise.  This little beauty sat on the kitchen table.


I know, I know, it’s ONLY a chair.  But it’s not about the simple object, which I do love by the way!  It’s about my husband going out of his way to do something sweet.  He thought of me, and that means everything.


My husband missed my company!

Now we can sit together and goof off, again.  That’s true love.

Take a moment out of your day to enjoy the little things your significant other does for you.  Remember love is in the everyday details.

Talk to you soon.

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