Opposites Attract

It’s true that opposites attract.  At least in the case of my husband and me.  He likes loud music when he works or writes; I like it quiet.  He likes rock; I like soft contemporary or as the kids call it, “old people music.”  My husband loves politically incorrect humor in his movies and stories, with hardcore language, and violence, and I watch the Hallmark Channel.  He’s social, and I’m an introvert.

Despite all our differences, we get along fabulously.  It is rare that we argue and we finish each other’s thoughts often.  And we should.  We started dating when we were 15.  We turn 45 this year.  I am cringing as I write this because of my realization, not only of our age but that we’ve been together for 30 years!  As crazy as it seems I wouldn’t change a moment of those three decades or the decades to come.

I think in the case of all great love stories, you need some opposition between you and your significant other.  It makes life interesting.

Thinking about one of my husband’s favorite movies, Rocky,  the great fighter says about his love Adrian, (I’m paraphrasing, but should be close considering how many times he watched this movie!) …“We fill gaps.  She’s got gaps; I got gaps.  We fill each other’s gaps.”


Here’s to celebrating the gaps our opposite fills and the love they bring to our lives.

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day!

Talk to you soon, and keep reading!

Photo credit: KWDesigns via Visualhunt / CC BY-ND

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