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Chasing Butterflies

Wow, I have been off the blogging grid for quite some time.  It’s been several months since I have written a blog post, consistently posted on social media, or wrote a newsletter.  I feel as though I have fallen off … Continue reading

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Hello Spring!

When the doldrums of winter are in full swing, we look forward to flipping the pages of the calendar. We jump from January to February, and then, just as March makes us feel as if it will never end, we … Continue reading

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True Love Is In The Little Things

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, complete with chocolate, dinner, flowers, jewelry, and *ahem*, lingerie.  But true love can and should be, celebrated with the little things.  The small, unintentional gestures that say I love you with more meaning … Continue reading

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Opposites Attract

It’s true that opposites attract.  At least in the case of my husband and me.  He likes loud music when he works or writes; I like it quiet.  He likes rock; I like soft contemporary or as the kids call … Continue reading

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Pretty or Practical: The “Real” Woman Dilemma

  Lately, I’ve seen a surge in commercials for the online lingerie company Adore Me.  From petite to plus you can get lingerie sets for $50 a month, sent right to your door.  The one thing I noticed immediately about … Continue reading

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Saturday Detention and Totally Rad Slang

Sometimes a single word can prompt an entire story, create a conversation, or inspire a blog post. These words often arise from the most unexpected situations. This blog post is a perfect example. The other day, I used the word … Continue reading

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Winter Blues

  Winter in any part of the northern states has its ups and downs.  It ranges from cold, snowy and icy to sometimes mild for short stretches of time.  Either way, whatever Mother Nature gives us, winter can be fun … Continue reading

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What Do I Do With My Blog?

I am a creature of habit, and I HATE change.  But change is a necessary evil.  It leads to progress, and progress leads to success.  And success is what we all strive to achieve. One morning, as I sat in … Continue reading

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BELIEVE in the New Year

Are you ready for a New Year? It’s that time again when we prepare to say goodbye to the old and look forward to ringing in the new.  Armed with our laundry list of resolutions and promises to ourselves to … Continue reading

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Making Time “To Do” It All

Are your to-do lists out of control? Do you struggle to accomplish all that you want in a day? You’re not alone. We all want to be more organized and productive. That’s where a little multi-tasking and purposeful planning go … Continue reading

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