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Welcome to the last story in the Paramour Romance series. You met Dawson and Ellie, in His Second Chance, as well as Nick and Charlotte, in Take Me Home. Now, read the final installment of three friends who, after failing at love, stumble their way back to the place where hearts are reunited at the most unexpected moment.

In Skye’s the Limit, love weary Sean Sullivan faces his ultimate weakness in sassy Skye Anderson.  When she shows up in Paramour, on his doorstep, will he find the strength to turn away the woman who stole his world?  Or will she push him to his limit, and over the edge into something he has ignored for too long?   READ MORE…

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Welcome opening statement 11-7c                                          Welcome to the first story in the Paramour Romance Series.  Meet Dawson Mitchell, bachelor and bartender extraordinaire.  He isn’t looking for any surprises to show up in his life, or in his small town bar, but fate has it’s own plan.  When he recognizes the woman requesting a refill of wine, he is stunned beyond words.  He doesn’t believe in second chances, especially not a second chance to meet someone again for the first time.  Yet, the auburn haired girl from his young dreams is sitting in front of him, with her emerald stare, waiting for her drink.  Dawson isn’t exactly sure how he’ll break the ice, but he’s certain she won’t be prepared for the twist he is about to serve.    READ MORE…

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Welcome opening statement 11-7d                                   Welcome to the second story in the Paramour Romance  series. You met Dawson Mitchell, and Ellie Gardner, in  His Second Chance, now get to know Nick Lowery, and  follow his unexpected reunion with the feisty Charlotte  MacIntyre.  When she returns to Paramour for more than Nick’s little sister’s wedding, her announcement will turn his world upside down, and home, for the two of them, will never be the same.   READ MORE…